Give your clients peace of mind when it comes to Medicare

With a Medicare Advisor that cares about them as much as you do. Build trust with your clients, working with a partner you trust.

Why partner with Chapter
Grow relationships with new and existing clients
Differentiate your offering
Differentiate your offering

Position yourself as a full-service retirement planner. Help your clients get covered for one of their largest expenses during retirement: healthcare.

Grow your business
Grow your business

Medicare impacts all retirees. Leverage Chapter’s resources, tools, and seminars as a gateway for meeting new clients, and growing existing business.

Delight your clients
Delight your clients

Navigating Medicare is confusing. Chapter guarantees an optimal coverage match, giving peace of mind.

How it works

Medicare made simple for you and your clients, all at no cost.

Expert guidance

You'll receive a dedicated Medicare Advisor to help each of your clients decide when and how to sign up for Medicare and identify the best-fitting coverage for their specific situation.

Transparency and reporting

With your clients permission, track the status of their Medicare journey and coverage, plus savings.

White glove support, year-round

Support doesn’t end at enrollment. Each of your clients will maintain a dedicated advisor that they can consult year-round.

Need help finding doctors? Saving on prescriptions? Using benefits? Renewing coverage? We’re always here to help.

Proprietary tools, Resources, and Marketing

Provide new and existing clients access to critical Medicare resources, all under your brand. Partners receive exclusive access to Chapter’s calculators, informational videos, training programs, and personalized live webinars

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Frequently asked questions

Get the answers you need to take charge of your next chapter.
Yes. Chapter is HIPAA-compliant and uses best-in-class, bank-level encryption and robust security controls to secure client data. In addition, Chapter does not sell any data.
Like other Medicare advisors, Chapter earns commission revenue from insurance carriers. Unlike other Medicare advisors we recommend the best plan for your clients, regardless of whether it pays us commission. We do this through a three step approach:

First, we reference our proprietary universal database of 20,000+ Medicare coverage options nationwide, including plans that don’t pay commissions. Second, our technology searches across all plans to find only the plans that are the best fit for your clients. Third, our licensed advisors recommend the best fitting plans to your clients, and earn identical compensation irrespective of the coverage recommended or selected.