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Hi, I’m Ari Parker, best-selling author and co-founder at Chapter. Over the past few years, I’ve helped thousands of Americans from all over the country take control of their Medicare.
My proven 3 Ps method:
My Medicare Mission
When I first started my job as a Medicare advisor, I discovered that many Americans were getting misled into buying the wrong plans — simply because no one took the time to sit them down and explain what was going on.
That’s why I came up with the 3 Ps method: a simple, easy way to understand how all of this stuff works.
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In my best-selling book, It’s Not That Complicated, I explain the 3 Ps method and how it can help you find the best plan to protect your health and finances. Everyone deserves control over their Medicare, so I’ll even send you the book for free.
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Thank you Cathy for pointing me into the Right direction you were very informative God bless you !

7 days ago


Ari and Lindsey truly put my mind at ease, when I first began with Chapter I was overwhelmed with so much information and nothing was making sense. After my first conversation Ari put my mind at ease and assured me that he was here as an Advisor and not selling me a particular package only what fit my needs. Lindsey reached out to me because Ari was on vacation and the service was seamless. Once I was approved for Medicare Part A and B, Lindsey reached out to me again to complete my Medicare Advantage Plan, I received a Plan with a $75 monthly towards my monthly Part B which is a big bonus. I am a Veteran and with my Medicare Plan outlined by Chapter, I feel like no one else had my back like Chapter. Thank you for looking out for my best interest.

7 days ago


Asthma Chourasia was very polite and knowledgeable with the insurance plans. She listened to my needs and fulfilled them.She made the experience understandable, answered my questions and very pleasant. Looking forward to having her as my agent.

8 days ago


This is/was my first contact with such a 'service" as yours so I have nothing to compare it too. However, I can not imagine any one doing a better job at explaining the benefits and carefully listening to my questions as we progressed in the phone call. Based on this initial exposure to your company I would recommend Chapter to all my friends. Chapter is very fortunate to someone like Doreen with the right balance of professionalism, patience, understanding and most of all approachable friendliness working with them.

11 days ago