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When I first started my job as a Medicare advisor, I discovered that many Americans were getting misled into buying the wrong plans — simply because no one took the time to sit them down and explain what was going on.
That’s why I came up with the 3 Ps method: a simple, easy way to understand how all of this stuff works.
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We are extremely happy with John Brooks' service and knowledge on Medicare. He provided direction and filled out our forms for the Medicare supplement plans and made certain that our start date for coverage was on time for our timeline. He provided step by step direction on what we needed to have completed for our next meeting. He made certain to explain the plans and listened to what our needs were and did not try to steer us into a plan that did not suit us. I highly recommend him for all your Medicare needs. We most certainly will pass his name on to friends that are retiring. Thank you so much John for making an arduous and at times tumultuous process so simple. Excellent Service.

about 10 hours ago


Venus was very helpful!!!! She answered all my questions I had for her and/or told me who to contact if she wasn't the one to be able to answer it!!! I actually called yesterday to the company, Chapter, got a recording and Venus called me back first thing this morning!!! She was wonderful! Thank you for employing this your of person!!

about 16 hours ago


Met with Noreen today for a long and very helpful phone call as I was struggling to gain access to my Aetna policy. She was very knowledgeable and knew the ins and outs of my Aetna health plan. She worked tirelessly to get my account accessible from my home computer an event I have been working with Aetna to do with not much success. She fine-tuned my knowledge so that I could learn what was available and how to gain access. I have spent a number of stressful hours trying to figure it out and as last straw I called Chapter which I should have done earlier. My bad. As a side bar note when Regence and MultiCare had a falling out I contacted Chapter per a suggestion from MultiCare and with the help of Venus switched to Aetna which I am very thankful for her assistance.

1 day ago


Sydney is amazing and so is Chapter! We were really concerned with my father's ability to continue to afford his treatments. Sydney met with us, empathized and immediately identified an incredible solution. We are so happy with the way she worked with us and treated us.

1 day ago