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We are a team of engineers, designers, Medicare experts, and marketers dedicated to building transformational products for those who are wise in the mind and young at heart. We’re hiring – see our postings below.

Meet the Chapter team

    Christian Minor

    Licensed Advisor

    Ari Parker, J.D.

    Lead Licensed Advisor

    Sam Beadles

    Operations Lead / Licensed Advisor

    Michael Rochlin

    Product Manager

    Cobi Gantz


    Mariana Thomas

    Head of Communications, Media, and Brand

    Paige Womack

    Product Designer

    Astha Chourasia

    Licensed Advisor

    Katherine Gordon

    Product Manager

    Corey Metzman


    Darshan Desai

    Software Engineer

    Michael Lautner

    Licensed Advisor

    Daniel Galaviz

    Licensed Advisor

    Andrew Sun

    Data Engineer

    Adam Sanders

    Software Engineer

    Paddy Boroughs

    Software Engineer

    Marcello Halitzer

    Head of Finance

    Josh Paul

    Lead Recruiter

    Patrick Lii

    Software Engineer

    Daniel Mori

    Head of Marketing

We're hiring

We’re looking for those driven to help us build a platform that empowers our older generation to age with purpose and security. Join us.

Chapter is the solution we wished for

We watched our parents attempt to navigate the maze of Medicare — nearly missing deadlines, filling out piles of paperwork, and ultimately enrolling in plans that were more expensive than comparable alternatives — and we knew there was a better way.

We’re turning the page on our experience by championing our customers with the tools and support they need to have the Medicare experience they deserve.

Help us maximize Medicare