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Always available, always helpful.

5 days ago


I had changed my insurance carrier during the initial enrollment period towards the end of 2021. The weeks following created confusion and frustrastion which I am ashamed to say ended in tears. After hours on the phone, numerous calls and represenatives my issues were still not resolved. And it all started with incorrect information leading to a bad decision on my part. If I had known about Chapter I could have saved myself all that time and stress. I found you on the internet and called. The representative, Rebecca Skouson, listened and reiterated for clarity. Then she explained what she needed to do next and gave me choices to wait on the line or receive a call-back. Rebecca was timely in her returned call and had choices for me in resolving my issues. She was kind, respectful, professional and I truly couldn't believe that there was someone who could help me! I actually expected a repeat of what I had been experiencing those past few weeks. I am so very grateful to Rebecca! And so very grateful to have found Chapter on the internet. Thank you for the services you render. Thank you, Rebecca, for resolving my issues. I thank you for the opportunity to express my apprerciation. Be safe and have a blessed New Year!

5 days ago


I was connected with Michael Lautner to assist me with issues concerning Medicare and the renewal process for my mom. He was very nice and made the whole complicated process so much easier. My mom has dealt with this before, but as she ages, it is getting even more complicated and difficult for her to navigate. The stress she was experiencing was concerning to me. Once we sat down and had a call with Mr. Lautner, we both felt relieved. He explained everything very clearly. This was especially important for me, as I was totally unfamiliar with the process. He took the time to review my mom’s situation and made recommendations to change a couple of things and actually saved my mom quite a lot of money. If you need assistance and need it spelled out so you really understand it, ask for Michael Lautner. He is very patient and professional. He also followed up several times to be sure my mom was all set and that she had everything she needed for this new year.

6 days ago


Ari and Christian have provided extraordinary customer service!! Saving us money, time and countless headaches. They are our "go to" experts for all insurance related questions. We are exceedingly grateful for Chapter, and all that they offer, for no additional fee.

11 days ago

Chapter is the solution we wished for

We watched our parents attempt to navigate the maze of Medicare — nearly missing deadlines, filling out piles of paperwork, and ultimately enrolling in plans that were more expensive than comparable alternatives — and we knew there was a better way.

We’re turning the page on our experience by championing our customers with the tools and support they need to have the Medicare experience they deserve.

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