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We’re optimizing Medicare through greater choice and clarity, while minimizing cost and complexity. Because the other side of 65 should be your best chapter yet.

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Brooklyn was so helpful, navigating me through the ridiculously complex Medicare process. He helped me select the best Part D plan for me and exhibited great customer service. Many thanks!

8 days ago


Ari was very helpful in evaluating alternative plans to help rationalize the best coverage and pricing. It was quick, professional, and thorough.

10 days ago


Signing up for Medicare can be so confusing. Inundated with choices starting several months leading up to turning 65, incoming mail piling up, phone calls from insurance companies, even unsolicited man arrived at our door brought more frustration. If you too are overwhelmed by Medicare process as I was contact Ari Parker & Daniel Galaviz for quick, valuable, accurate information. They will painlessly walk you through the process. Confident I’m getting the right Medicare plan for me I’m really looking forward to bright, shiny helium balloons #65 celebrating my October birthday.

13 days ago


Michael was wonderful, so helpful. I will NEVER try to figure out Medicare options on my own again. Highly recommended!

15 days ago

Chapter is the solution we wished for

We watched our parents attempt to navigate the maze of Medicare — nearly missing deadlines, filling out piles of paperwork, and ultimately enrolling in plans that were more expensive than comparable alternatives — and we knew there was a better way.

We’re turning the page on our experience by championing our customers with the tools and support they need to have the Medicare experience they deserve.

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