The American Automobile Association (AAA) is a membership organization that provides many car-related services. People usually know AAA for its roadside assistance service, which provides help to members who experience car issues on the road. Other services include towing, battery replacement, flat tire assistance, and locksmith access. 

While AAA offers a variety of discounts on a range of different products and services, it does not offer a nationwide senior discount on its yearly membership program. However, seniors can still save with the number of other discounts from the organization that extend even beyond car services. Read on to find out what you can save on.

Key takeaways:

  • AAA doesn’t have a national AAA senior discount on their memberships, but seniors can save in other ways. 

  • An AAA membership comes with various discounts on useful products and services in travel, restaurants, insurance, and more.

What is a standard AAA membership?

AAA’s yearly roadside assistance membership comes in three different tiers: Classic, Plus, and Premier. Every plan has a different set of benefits for roadside services, insurance, and travel services. Here’s a breakdown of each membership category:

Classic: $77.00 for the first year (plus a one-time $15 enrollment fee)

  • Best for people who make shorter trips closer to home

  • 4 tows, up to 5 miles total

  • Identity theft monitoring

  • Fuel delivery at pump

  • $50 car lockout service credit

  • One additional household member can join the plan for free

Plus: $127.50 for the first year (plus a one-time $15 enrollment fee)

  • Best for people who drive more frequently and want safety and security

  • Includes all Classic benefits

  • Free fuel delivery

  • Up to $1,000 trip interruption reimbursement

  • $100 car lockout service credit

  • First household member on plan is free

  • Membership plan often on sale at 50% for first-time members

Premier: $155.50 for the first year (plus one-time $15 enrollment fee)

  • Best for people who drive long distances more frequently and go off the beaten path

  • Includes all Class and Plus benefits

  • Up to $1,500 trip interruption reimbursement

  • $150 car lockout service and $150 home lockout service

  • $10,000 identity theft insurance

  • Discounted first additional household member

Each membership plan comes with more detailed benefits around roadside assistance, insurance, and travel, so be sure to check what the best tier is for you. If you’re looking to save more on these plans, you can get $5 off when you auto renew every year.

What AAA discounts are available to seniors?

There is no official nationwide AAA senior discount. It’s also worth noting that specific discounts vary by region. That being said, seniors with an AAA membership can take advantage of other discounts that membership provides on different products and services. 

Here’s what seniors can receive discounts on with an AAA membership. Keep in mind that some of these discounts may be combined with senior discounts available at specific organizations.

Travel Discounts:

  • Discounts on hotels, motels, and resorts

  • Savings on rental cars from various providers

  • Exclusive deals on cruises, tours, and vacation packages

  • Reduced rates on flights, including special promotions

Entertainment Discounts:

  • Discounts on theme park tickets and attractions

  • Special offers on movie tickets and entertainment events

  • Savings on museums, zoos, and other cultural attractions

Retail Discounts:

  • Discounts at participating retailers and online stores

  • Savings on clothing, electronics, and home goods

  • Exclusive promotions at certain outlets and shopping centers

Automotive Discounts:

  • Discounts on auto parts and accessories

  • Savings on maintenance and repair services at approved facilities

  • Exclusive deals on car rentals and related services

Insurance Discounts:

  • Members may be eligible for discounts on AAA insurance products, including auto, home, identity theft, and life insurance

Dining Discounts:

  • Special offers at participating restaurants and eateries

  • Savings on dining experiences and food delivery services

Financial Discounts:

  • Discounts on select financial services, including certain banking and investment products

Health and Wellness Discounts:

  • Savings on prescription medications and health-related products

  • Discounts on gym memberships and wellness programs

Availability of these discounts depends on your local AAA club. Visit AAA’s website to see what discounts your membership can bring you.

Other ways seniors can save money 

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