Having grandchildren is one of the most fulfilling aspects of getting older. A grandchild can bring you excitement, joy, and unconditional love that bridges generations. Truly, the bond between a grandchild and a grandparent is unlike any other.

In recognition of this special relationship, we celebrate Grandchildren's Day. Grandchildren’s Day is the perfect excuse to have fun and honor the precious memories shared between grandparents and their grandchildren. Even if you don’t have grandkids, you can celebrate and enjoy the company of other meaningful children in your life, such as nieces and nephews, godchildren, or children of close friends.

Key takeaways:

  • National Grandchildren’s Day is celebrated on May 12th in the U.S.

  • Grandchildren’s Day is a holiday that celebrates the special bond between the older and younger generations.

  • You can celebrate Grandchildren’s Day in any way that’s meaningful to you, but some ideas to get you started include planning a fun activity and sharing life experiences.

When is National Grandchildren’s Day?

In the United States, National Grandchildren’s Day is celebrated on May 12th. This date might be different in other countries, with some parts of the world celebrating the holiday on September 29th and others on March 18th. A web search can help you determine what day  Grandchildren’s Day falls in your country. 

While the date may vary depending on the country, the sentiment behind the holiday remains the same, which is to appreciate the invaluable relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren and honor the connection between the older and younger generations. Below, you’ll find some different ways to celebrate Grandchildren’s Day with your family!

1. Plan a fun activity together

Forget about fancy gifts! One of the greatest gifts we can give our grandchildren is our time. Plan a fun activity that caters to both you and your grandchild’s interests, and maybe the activity could become a tradition every year.

Some ideas of activities include cooking a family recipe, gardening, crafting, playing board games, or going on a hike. No matter what you choose to do, the best part of spending time together is that your grandchild can create memories that will outlast any physical item.  

2. Share stories and memories

Another valuable gift you can give your grandchildren is your wisdom. Take the time to sit down with your grandchildren and share stories from the past, impart valuable life lessons, and delve into the family tree together. If possible, you can take them to places that have sentimental value to you, such as your childhood home or your elementary school. Not only does sharing your life experiences strengthen your bond with your grandchild, it also fosters a sense of identity and belonging for them. 

To take it a step further, consider recording or writing down these conversations so your loved ones can look back on them whenever they want. 

3. Create a special keepsake

A personalized keepsake is a great gift that brings back cherished memories and will make your grandchild feel loved and appreciated for years to come. Some ideas of keepsakes you might give include handwritten letters or family heirlooms. For an even more meaningful experience, consider creating a photo album or scrapbook together of all your memories. No matter what you give, keepsakes are a nice way to preserve memories that can be passed down for generations.  

4. Have a family gathering

If you live close to loved ones, Grandchildren’s Day can bring everyone together. Gathering the entire family is a great opportunity to bond with all generations of the family. You can spend quality time with your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and any other loved ones that are special to you. Make the day more fun by organizing a potluck and playing games.

5. Have a fun Zoom call (or other online platform)

Even if you live far from them, you can still find ways to spend time with your grandchildren! Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to connect with your loved ones, no matter the distance. You can use Zoom or other online platforms to video call with your grandchildren. Make the video call more fun by playing a co-op game like online jeopardy or Jackbox Games. While maintaining a relationship with your loved ones can be difficult if you live far apart, it’s worth the added effort. It’s normal to feel lonely as we age, and seeing loved ones can help us feel more connected.

Celebrating Grandchildren’s Day 

Grandchildren's Day is a celebration of the special bond between grandparents and grandkids. So, whether you're reminiscing about your life experiences, baking a family recipe, or playing a trivia game on Zoom, remember to celebrate the love and joy that your grandchildren have brought to your life.

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