An interview with Cody Barbo, founder and CEO of Trust & Will

In this episode of Chapter's Legacy Podcast, Ari Parker interviews Cody Barbo, founder and CEO of Trust & Will, who shares what it means to leave an impactful legacy and how to protect it for future generations.

Three Things You'll Learn

  1. How Cody started Trust & Will and the services they offer.

  2. Why Cody believes that leaving behind a legacy is the most important thing you can do in the U.S.

  3. Why so many Americans neglect making a will.

A summary of the episode

Cody explains that when most people hear “legacy,” they don’t think of the money and property they leave behind in their will.

“Legacy could be how you made somebody feel. It could be that tradition that you had with a loved one. It could be that cookie recipe you have from Grandma that got passed down from generation to generation.”

Cody is passionate about helping people set up their estate so that they can avoid passing on financial burden and probate to their children. 

However, a few years ago he noticed that doing so was a costly and extensive process for the average American, and the average citizen lacked education on the importance of creating a will. 

“The single most important thing that you can do in this country is to preserve your legacy.”

So, Cody started Trust & Will, a groundbreaking online estate planning service that makes writing a will more accessible and affordable. Trust & Will also provides educational resources about estate planning. 

Reflecting on his own legacy, Cody emphasizes that he doesn’t want to be remembered for his education, accomplishments, or the businesses he started, 

“[My legacy] is going to be the way that I treated people. I hope that I treated them with respect and grace, [they] felt like they were cared about, . . . and that I made them happy.”

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