An interview with Jeremiah Barlow, Head of Family Wealth Services at Mercer Advisors

In this episode of Chapter's Legacy Podcast, Ari Parker interviews Jeremiah Barlow, Head of Family Wealth Services at Mercer Advisors about estate planning and building personal legacies.

Three Things You'll Learn

  1. How to set up your estate plan early. 

  2. Tips for selecting estate trustees.

  3. How to prepare for estate and death taxes for your inheritors.

A summary of the episode

Jeremiah Barlow, the Head of Family Wealth Services at Mercer Advisors, breaks down the processes and challenges involved with estate planning. 

He talks about how he learned the significance of planning ahead through his family’s own mistakes and touches on the ‘what ifs’ that protect the families he works with. 

Jeremiah breaks down how and when to start estate planning, from choosing a trustee to knowing the state and federal exemptions for estate taxes. Jeremiah discusses how his team encourages proactive giving to protect inheritors from paying large amounts of taxes on inheritances. 

Jeremiah also talks about how illness or loss are often the driving factors in people’s choice to begin planning. But he also talks about how to overcome the feeling of dread around planning for after death. 

But legacy is greater than estate planning. Jeremiah’s family and personal values focus on making memories and what he can pass onto his kids as they grow. 

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