Legacy Podcast - Sandi Bragar, Chief Client Officer at Aspiriant

Written by Ari ParkerUpdated: Wednesday, January 4, 2023

An interview with Sandi Bragar, Chief Client Officer at Aspiriant

Sandi Bragar, Chief Client Officer at Aspiriant and co-host of the Money Tales podcast, discusses how to start money conversations and how to make spending choices. 

Three Things You'll Learn

  1. How talking about money with your partner can impact your relationship

  2. Why it's important to know money's purpose for your life

  3. How to overcome "told scripts" about money

A summary of the episode

Sandi breaks down ‘told scripts’ by talking through the emotional and personal parts of money. She stresses the importance of couples and families feeling more open and connected to their finances. 

Both Ari and Sandi talk about how they internally process financial decisions. Sandi says: 

“Every single financial transaction is a negotiation with someone else or yourself. There’s always a tradeoff. Because if you’re spending your money on this item it means you’re not spending that money on something else, or you’re not saving it.”  

Sandi shares how to use financial capital to achieve legacy goals and how establishing goals brings value to your money: 

“Part of my own legacy is through the work that I do with our clients. And seeing them achieve what’s most important to them provides me such satisfaction and I feel so good, and it’s so exciting in those opportunities when my family can be a part of that and observe that—and have a little piece in that legacy.” 

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