Save Time Navigating The Web

We wanted to share some pointers on how to quickly and efficiently browse a webpage without using your mouse. It can be a lot faster and simpler to navigate your screen without your mouse if you know a few important shortcuts.

These might seem like insignificant time savers, but given how much more time we all spend on our computers, it certainly adds up.

Use the Spacebar to Scroll Down

When reading a website on any browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc.), you can use the spacebar to scroll down. Simply tap the spacebar to scroll down a page with ease. If you want to scroll back up, hold shift and tap the spacebar. This is really helpful on longer webpages or articles when it can be challenging to find the cursor or find the small scroll bar on the side of the page.

Use the Tab Key to Fill in Forms

If you're filling in a lot of online forms, this one is a huge help: use the 'tab' key to jump between fields. For dropdown or pop-up fields of common entries like state or country, you can click the first letter to jump to the relevant portion of the list.

Go to a New Website Without the Mouse

If you want to navigate to a new URL, you can quickly move your cursor to the URL field of your browser by clicking command + L (for a Mac) or control + L (for a PC). This will let you enter a new URL without moving your hand away from your keyboard. Even better, if Google is your default search engine, you can type any query right there, and it will search Google. You don't need to navigate to beforehand.

These are just a few handy tips to help navigate the Web. A more complete list is available here:

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