Humana is one of the largest private health insurance companies in the United States. The provider serves more than 8.7 million Medicare members, and 5.8 million of those people are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan. 

You may be eligible for enrollment in Medicare Advantage if you’re turning 65, are new to Medicare, or are eligible for a Special Enrollment Period due to a qualifying life event. You can see a list of qualifying life events here

18% of people who enroll in Medicare Advantage choose a Humana plan. You may be wondering, “Why are they so popular?” In this post, you’ll get a sense of what Humana Medicare Advantage plans offer, how much they cost, and what their customers say, so you can understand the plans better.

Key takeaways:

  • Humana offers a number of different Medicare Advantage plans including HMO, PPO, and PFFS options. 

  • Humana Medicare Advantage plans are available in 50 states, Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico.

  • The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services gave Humana Medicare Advantage plans an average of 4.34 stars out of five, which is above industry average.

  • Humana Medicare Advantage plans include specific coverage for veterans through a partnership with USAA. 

  • Humana Medicare Advantage costs and plan benefits vary.

Where are Humana Medicare Advantage plans available in 2024?

Humana Medicare Advantage plans are available in all 50 states, plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico. While the plans are available in 90% of counties nationwide in 2024, they’re not available everywhere, and plan availability varies from one county to another. When comparing Medicare Advantage plans, always be sure to look within your specific county so you’re looking only at plans available to you.

Star ratings for Humana Medicare Advantage plans 

CMS rates Medicare Advantage plans based on their performance, quality of care, and member satisfaction. Compared to other Medicare Advantage plans, Humana plans scored a high star rating. This indicates that it offers relatively high-quality plans. 

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) gave Humana Medicare Advantage plans an average star rating of 4.34, which is above average. The industry average is 4.04 stars for all Medicare Advantage plans. In 2024, 61% of Humana members signed up for a Medicare Advantage plan with 4.5 or more.

What type of Humana Medicare Advantage plans are available?

Humana offers different Medicare Advantage plans in different areas. Humana plans include HMO, PPO, PFFS plans as well as D-SNPs and C-SNPs. 

To give you an idea of the range of Humana plans available, we’ve listed the specific plans available in California, Texas, and Florida below. This list is not conclusive of all Humana Medicare Advantage plans.


  • Humana Gold Plus (HMO)

  • Humana USAA Honor with Rx (PPO)

  • Humana Community (HMO)

  • HumanaChoice (PPO)

  • Humana USAA Honor (PPO)

  • Humana USAA Honor (HMO)


  • Humana USAA Honor with Rx (PPO)

  • Humana Gold Plus (HMO)

  • HumanaChoice (PPO)

  • Humana Gold Choice (PFFS)

  • HumanaChoice (Regional PPO)

  • Humana USAA Honor (PPO)

  • Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE (HMO D-SNP)

  • Humana Gold Plus - Diabetes and Heart (HMO C-SNP)


  • Humana Gold Plus (HMO)

  • HumanaChoice Florida (PPO)

  • HumanaChoice (Regional PPO)

  • Humana USAA Honor (HMO)

  • Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE (HMO D-SNP)

  • HumanaChoice Florida SNP-DE (PPO D-SNP)

  • Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE (HMO D-SNP)

  • Humana Fully Integrated (HMO D-SNP)

  • Humana Gold Plus - Diabetes and Heart (HMO C-SNP)

  • Humana Gold Plus Lung (HMO C-SNP)

These plans have different out-of-pocket cost structures, maximums, and premiums. We’ll go over how much Humana Medicare Advantage plans can cost later on in the blog post. 

What are HMO, PPO, and PFFS plans?

Health insurance terminology can be confusing. We’ll help you understand the difference between HMO, PPO, and PFFS plans.

If you have an HMO (Health Maintenance Organizations) plan, you’ll only receive coverage for services received from providers within your plan’s network. You also generally need a primary care doctor who refers you to specialists. Premiums for these plans are usually lower.

If you have a PPO (Preferred Provider Organizations) plan, you pay less when you visit a preferred provider who is in your network. Your insurance covers services received from providers outside your network, but you’ll pay more. Premiums are generally higher than those for HMO plans because PPO plans provide more flexibility.

HMO-POS (Health Maintenance Organization Point of Service) plans have elements of both HMOs and PPOs. They usually provide more flexibility in choosing providers than HMOs.  

PFFS (Private Fee-For-Service) provide the most freedom to see healthcare providers and facilities outside of your network. You can see any Medicare-approved provider who accepts Humana’s payment terms and hasn’t opted out of Medicare Part A and Part B. With PFFS plans, you don’t need a primary care doctor or referrals to see specialists. 

What are Special Needs Plans?

Special Needs Plans are a type of Medicare Advantage plans that cater to people with specific needs. You may be eligible for a Special Needs Plan if you have a chronic condition or are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. Humana offers Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNP) and Chronic Condition Special Needs Plans (C-SNP) plans in some states.

Additional benefits offered by Humana Medicare Advantage plans

Although plan benefits vary from one plan to another, most Humana Medicare Advantage plans offer additional plan benefits beyond standard medical services and doctor visits. 

Some plan benefits include:

Many Humana Medicare Advantage plans also include options for prescription drug coverage

How much do Humana Medicare Advantage plans cost?

With a Humana Medicare Advantage plan, your costs include monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs. What you pay for healthcare with a Humana Medicare Advantage plan depends on several factors, like your location, your specific plan details, and the healthcare services you receive in a year. 

Take a look at Humana Medicare Advantage costs in California, Florida, and Texas to get an idea of how prices can vary. Note that costs are meant to be a snapshot for certain communities in these states and don’t include all aspects of healthcare expenses. These costs are all taken from Humana’s Medicare Advantage plan finder online

Riverside County, California:

  • Monthly premium:$0-$46

  • Deductible: $0-$1,000

  • Out-of-pocket maximum: $1,950-$6,100

  • Primary copay: $0-$5

  • Copay for specialist: $0-$50

Palm Beach County, Florida:

  • Monthly premium: $0-$59

  • Deductible: $0-$1,300

  • Out-of-pocket maximum: $3,200-$7,550

  • Primary copay: $0-$45

  • Copay for specialist: $0 (for certain SNPs)-$50

Bexar County, Texas:

  • Monthly premium: $0-$72

  • Deductible: $0-$750

  • Out-of-pocket maximum: $0 (for certain SNPs)-$7,200

  • Primary copay: $0-$15

  • Copay for specialist: $0-$45

Finding the right Medicare Advantage plan with Chapter

Finding the right Medicare Advantage plan for your health and financial needs isn’t the easiest task. Enrollment in a plan may be limited to certain times of the year. 

  • New to Medicare? You can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan during your Medicare Initial Coverage Election Period.  

  • Already enrolled in Medicare? You can switch between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage or between different Medicare Advantage plans during the Medicare Open Enrollment Period, which occurs every year from October 15 - December 7. 

  • You can also make changes to your Medicare Advantage when certain life events occur, like moving or becoming eligible for Medicaid. Learn more about Special Enrollment Periods on

Simplify the search with help from a Chapter licensed Medicare agent, who can help you compare Medicare Advantage plans and enroll in a policy that suits you. 

Call 855-900-2427 TTY 711 Mon-Fri, 9AM to 9PM ET to speak with a licensed agent or schedule a time to chat.


Currently we represent 43 organizations which offer 16,706 products in your area. You can always contact, 1-800-MEDICARE, or your local State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) for help with plan choices. This is a solicitation of insurance and not affiliated with the U.S. government or federal Medicare program.

Every year, Medicare evaluates plans based on a 5-star rating system. Plans are insured or covered by a Medicare Advantage organization with a Medicare contract and/or a Medicare-approved Part D sponsor. 

Humana represents Medicare Advantage [HMO, PPO and PFFS] organizations [and stand-alone PDP prescription drug plans] that have a Medicare contract. Enrollment depends on the plan’s contract renewal.


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