Learn about the Colorado Medicare Supplement plans, how to choose one, and when to enroll

Because Original Medicare doesn’t cover about 20% of costs for covered services, many Medicare beneficiaries choose to purchase additional Medicare insurance. Medicare Supplement (also called Medigap) plans are a popular option for those who want to stay on Original Medicare, rather than switching to Medicare Advantage. 

There are ten types of Medigap plans available to Colorado residents. Each plan type is named by letters A-N. There are also two high-deductible versions of the two most popular plans: Plan F and Plan G.

Note: Plans F and C and not available for Medicare beneficiaries who turn 65 after January 1, 2020.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are ten types of Medigap plans in Colorado, plus a high-deductible option for both Plan G and Plan F.

  • The most popular Medigap plans for new Medicare beneficiaries are Plan G and Plan N.

  • Plan F and Plan C are not available to anyone who turns 65 after January 1, 2020.

  • Each plan of the same type, (e.g., every Plan N) has the same coverage, even if pricing varies.

Colorado Medigap plans explained

Each Medigap plan reduces your out-of-pocket costs, but each has slightly different coverage. For example, most of them cover 100% of your Part B coinsurance, but plans K and L cover 50% and 75%, respectively.

Look at this Medigap plan comparison chart to learn about the differences. For those who are new to Medicare, the most popular plans are Plan G and Plan N because they provide the highest level of coverage available to those who turn 65 after January 1, 2020. 

What is the best Medicare Supplement plan in Colorado?

Plan G is the “best” Medigap, in that it provides the most coverage. Plan F was previously the most popular, but it’s not available to anyone who turns 65 after January 1, 2020. Which plan is right for you, depends on a number of factors, including what you can afford in monthly costs for Medicare premiums and what level of healthcare coverage you need. 

There are 51 Medigap Plan G policies in Colorado, with premiums ranging from $113-$889. These Plans are offered by 37 insurance carriers, including AARP - United Healthcare, Cigna, Humana, and Mutual of Omaha. (Data from 2023.)

How much do Colorado Medicare Supplement plans cost?

There are multiple factors that can affect the cost of a Medigap plan in Colorado. For all Medigap plans in Colorado in 2023, premiums range from $35/mo for a high-deductible Plan G or Plan F, to $1,169 for the highest cost Medigap Plan A. 

Personal factors that may affect a plan’s cost include:

  • Your age

  • Your gender

  • Whether or not you smoke tobacco products

  • Your location

  • Household discounts available with some Medigap plans

Plan factors that affect cost are:

  • Insurance carriers

  • The policy’s pricing structure

Medigap plan pricing structures

Medigap plans may be rated (priced) in three different ways. Regardless of your plan’s pricing structure, your premiums may be higher or lower due to the personal factors mentioned above. Premiums may increase due to your pricing structure, and they also may increase due to economic factors, like inflation.


Community-rated (also called no age-rated) policies, everyone who’s on the same policy pays the same premium, regardless of age. If your policy is community-rated, your price will not increase as you get older.


People with issue-age-rated (also called entry age-rated) policies, will pay different premiums based on what age they were when they first enrolled in the plan. Premiums are lower for people who joined when they were younger. If you’re on an issue-age-rated plan, your premiums won’t increase due to age. 


Attained-age-rated policy premiums will increase as you age. The premiums are determined by your current age (the age you’ve “attained”). These plans are often attractive to new Medigap enrollees because of their lower prices, but it’s important to know that your premiums will increase over time. 

How to choose and enroll in the best Colorado Medigap plan

Medigap plans are standardized. So, once you’ve chosen the type of plan that best fits your needs, you only need to focus on two things:

  • The insurance company’s customer service reputation

  • Current premiums and estimated future premiums 

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