Original Medicare does not cover the shingles shot (SHINGRIX), but most insurance plans with prescription drug coverage do. All Medicare Part D (prescription drug) and Medicare Advantage + Part D plans cover SHINGRIX and patients pay $0 out of pocket per dose.

How does SHINGRIX work?

1 in 3 people in the US will get shingles in their lifetime. The virus causes an itchy and painful skin rash as a result of reactivating the chickenpox virus. 

SHINGRIX boosts your body’s protection against shingles and is proven to be 90% effective in preventing shingles in adults 50 years or older. SHINGRIX is given in a two-dose series. Your second shot should be administered 2-6 months after your first. If you’ve already received your first shot, you can sign up for reminders so you don’t forget your second dose.

How much will the Shingles vaccine cost?

For those with prescription drug coverage through Medicare, the SHINGRIX vaccine will most likely cost $0 out of pocket if you receive your shots at a pharmacy. It’s important to note that most Medicare Part D enrollees receive SHINGRIX at a pharmacy because most doctors cannot bill for vaccinations administered to Part D beneficiaries. 

For those without prescription drug coverage, costs will vary and you should consult your healthcare provider to determine the cost.

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