Maintaining an active lifestyle becomes more important in older age as our muscles naturally become smaller and our metabolisms slow down. While not all Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans offer fitness benefits, many include access to gym memberships, wellness programs, and online classes. One fitness program Medicare beneficiaries are interested in is Silver&Fit, a fitness membership designed for older adults that’s included in certain Medicare plans. 

We’ll discuss which Medicare insurance plans cover Silver&Fit, how you can find a policy that includes it in your area, and how you can enroll in a plan with the benefit.

Key takeaways:

  • Silver&Fit is a fitness program designed for older adults. Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans can include it as a benefit in certain plans.

  • Some Medicare plans offer Silver&Fit at no additional cost, others offer the benefit at a low cost.

  • If you want Silver&Fit covered in your Medicare insurance plan, check which policies are available in your state.

What is Silver&Fit?

Silver&Fit is a fitness and wellness program for adults over 65 years old. It’s only available as a benefit included with certain Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans. Depending on your plan, you can receive access to no-cost or low-cost memberships to participating fitness centers and certain YMCAs. 

You also have the option to pay a monthly cost to sign up for a “premium” location. Other benefits of the Silver&Fit program include:

  • Access to many participating fitness centers near you

  • One Home Fitness Kit per benefit year

  • Online personalized workout plans

  • Access to the Well-Being Club, a virtual fitness community hub with resources, live-streaming events, and in-person meetups

  • On-demand workout videos on the website

  • Access to Healthy Aging Coach via phone, video, or chat

  • Tracking goals through Silver&Fit Connected feature

  • Public workout classes on the Silver&Fit Facebook and YouTube channel

What gyms accept Silver&Fit?

Gyms that accept Silver&Fit depend on where you live and what your plan includes. Members can choose from more than 20,900 standard and premium fitness centers and class memberships across the nation. Some participating fitness and community centers include:

  • Gold’s Gym

  • Cycle Bar

  • Planet Fitness

  • Pure Barre

  • 24 Hour Fitness

  • Jazzercise

  • Certain local yoga centers

  • Certain local gyms 

  • Certain YMCAs and other local community gathering places

Not every gym, class, center, or amenity will be available to you. Memberships vary by location, plan, and availability. The same goes for fees associated with Silver&Fit. You may pay less or more depending on your location, plan, and membership status. Check your eligibility for Silver&Fit here.

What insurance covers Silver&Fit?

Keep in mind that you may not have the Silver&Fit benefit available to you with your Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement plan. Every Medicare policy includes a different set of benefits. Some insurance providers that commonly provide Silver&Fit include:

  • Cigna Healthcare

  • Kaiser Permanente

  • Wellcare

  • BlueCross BlueShield

You can browse Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans that include Silver&Fit in your state using the search tool here.

Does Original Medicare cover Silver&Fit?

In general, Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) doesn’t provide fitness memberships as a benefit, but some Medicare Supplement plans include a Silver&Fit benefit. If you want a fitness or wellness benefit included in your Medicare coverage, you can talk to one of our licensed Medicare Advisors, who can point you in the right direction. Call us at 855-900-2427 or schedule a time to talk

How to sign up for a Medicare plan that covers Silver&Fit

While health and wellness benefits are an important consideration when choosing a Medicare plan, you should carefully think about all your healthcare priorities before choosing or switching plans. Comparing plans is always a good idea to ensure that you receive access to your preferred doctors, get your prescriptions covered, and receive the services you need to stay healthy at an affordable price.

Whether you want Silver&Fit included in your plan, another fitness benefit, or more comprehensive benefits, our licensed Medicare Advisors can assist you with comparing all your Medicare options! Start today by calling us today at 855-900-2427 or scheduling a convenient time to chat.

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