Lifetime Connection Without Walls

One of the challenges many people have faced during the pandemic is a feeling of isolation from their loved ones. This is especially true in communities and demographics that may be especially at-risk to the COVID-19 virus. Lifetime Connection Without Walls is a telephone-based activities program that offers educational sessions, game nights, and friendly conversations over the phone. The organization also offers telephone-based classes which are especially useful for those without access to a computer. Have an idea for a class? You can visit the organization’s website here for more information.


Bookshare is an organization that makes reading more accessible for people with dyslexia, visual impairments, physical disabilities, and dyslexia. Virtual volunteers help upload books to the Bookshare collection or proofread previously scanned files from other volunteers to ensure they are formatted correctly. The organization currently has 1 million titles and counting! One of the fulfilling aspects of volunteering for Bookshare is you can play a role in empowering students to study for school, pursue careers or just simply read for fun. You can reach more about Bookshare and sign up to volunteer here.

Volunteer Match

If you’re on the fence about volunteering virtually versus volunteering in person, this is a great resource for you.  Volunteer Match helps connect people with both local events in their community as well as opportunities for people to donate their time and expertise from their homes. The platform will take into account causes that are important to you and helps match you with options in various categories. Some of the options include volunteering with local youth or contributing your talents to the arts. The organization has connected more than 16 million volunteers with organizations nationwide. To learn more about volunteering in your area, you can visit the link here.

Part Time Work

If you're also interested in supplemental income, you can find numerous part-time work opportunities on websites like Indeed. Simply type "Part Time Work From Home", and you'll be able to filter results to those that are most interesting to you.

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