Here's why I joined Chapter

Here's why I joined Chapter

Today, I’m thrilled to share that I’ve joined Chapter as the Director of Education and Partnerships and will be merging my own Medicare practice with the organization.

My decision to join Chapter stems from my own personal experience. I started my Medicare career following my Mother’s catastrophic health crisis in 2005. My mom was found unconscious in her home. Over the next several months, she was transferred from a hospital bed to skilled nursing facilities many times over. In the end, my Mom passed away.

During that time and under the worst of circumstances, my sister and I were forced into navigating what we found to be a very confusing health insurance system: Medicare. I quickly learned my experience is not unique. Many Americans struggle with navigating the complicated Medicare system. My goal is to help people so they never need to face the chaos my sister and I faced. On a more personal note, I also am inspired to do this work every day to honor my Mom.

After over a decade of educating thousands of individuals on Medicare, I was asked to host Medicare Education workshops at several local companies. These seminars helped validate that educating employees about Medicare options has tremendously positive effects not only for employees but also for employers. With Medicare, the majority of employees can find better coverage at lower costs. And when employees transition, employers can save on benefit expenses. As I did this work, I was blessed to receive tremendous interest. To be responsive to the people and organizations I was supporting, I needed a team of Medicare Advisors to join me.

Now, after 12 years as an independent Medicare advisor and supporting more than 1200 people from dining rooms to boardrooms, by joining Chapter I get to broaden my reach and share my Medicare knowledge to support larger groups of people on a regular basis.

I love this work. And I love empowering people with Medicare knowledge and assistance in obtaining coverage that I wished my sister and I had had when our Mom needed our support.

So, why Chapter?

Chapter shares not only my values but also my standard of heart-felt professionalism that puts the senior first, always. I couldn’t be more proud to welcome my Medicare Family — my existing clients — to Chapter.

For too long, the typical Medicare advisors have searched only the subset of plans that pay the advisor commissions. But this approach creates a risk that older Americans may receive inferior recommendations because most advisors lack comprehensive resources.

And it’s hard for older Americans to undo these decisions. Most people can change Medicare plans only once a year. Worse yet, some people with health conditions effectively can’t ever change certain types of plans because those changes require underwriting. When older Americans are matched with sub-optimal plans, they pay more for care and prescriptions. And they also may have trouble accessing the care they need.

As a Medicare advisor, I have long wanted the superpowers to quickly and thoroughly search every Medicare plan. Unfortunately, this resource does not exist…not even within Consequently, as an independent advisor, I spent tireless hours researching and cross referencing plan materials to be sure I was serving my clients well.

Until now.

Chapter has recruited the best and brightest technology minds in our country to build a proprietary database that includes every Medicare plan nationwide; that’s over 20,000 coverage options. This ability to search every single plan available, nationwide, will help so many Americans. What used to take me hours of research now takes us minutes. We can serve clients nationwide as they choose and renew coverage with a thoroughness that I’ve never seen before. When I first met Chapter, I thought these capabilities were mind-blowing and superhuman. I wanted to be part of it.

The Chapter commitment is that you can’t find better Medicare guidance anywhere else. Period. Searching every plan means we find benefits and savings that are otherwise easy to miss. I personally stand firmly behind this statement.

I feel blessed that the stars aligned and I’m now part of a company that has a vision both to support people as they navigate Medicare and to build tools that facilitator an even more fulfilling retirement.

I love to help people and love to pick up my Medicare megaphone to not only make Medicare simple, but also connect people with our dream team of Medicare advisors who support our members to transition into the next chapter of life.

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve joined Chapter and am happy to continue to host Medicare education seminars where people work, live, play, and worship.


Cathy O’Brien is a licensed Medicare advisor and Chapter’s Director of Education and Partnerships. You can reach out to her and her team at 833–501–3101 or [email protected]

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