Jonathan McKnight

Licensed Advisor

Jonathan has worked in the finance and insurance industry since 2016. He studied English and Finance at Texas A&M University and is a graduate of the University of Houston Law Center. Before joining Chapter, Jonathan worked in estate planning, taught math and debate, coached soccer and tennis, and worked as a yoga teacher, waiter, and sommelier. Outside of work, Jonathan enjoys hiking and trail running with his two Rhodesian Ridgebacks, cheering on Liverpool FC, and learning Dutch.

Jonathan's Member Reviews

Jonathan (McKnight) was excellent in his ability to walk this elderly woman through the process of understanding the promises and limitations of the of various Medicare Advantage plans. He was knowledgeable and patient especially with my numerous repetitive questions. He was kind in his reassurance and was never condescending. Frankly, Chapter -- he's your best advertisement of competent, ethical service.

Patricia B.

I'd been struggling for days to decide whether or not to continue my current Medigap coverage or go to an HMO Advantage plan. Jonathan took his time and clearly explained both programs' advantages and disadvantages. He helped me choose a plan that fits my needs and will save me over $70 a month, while still having the luxury to choose my physicians. We also discussed my prescription drug plan and how to get the most benefit out of it. I am super pleased with my decisions, Jonathan's expertise (super knowledgable!), and excellent, above-and-beyond customer service. I will recommend Chapter to anyone searching for advice on health insurance. Grazie mille Jonathan!

Mary K

I received assistance selecting health coverage for 2024. The free service was far superior to what I'd anticipated. Jonathan was patient, thorough, knowledgeable, and personable. He saved me days and days of research and guided me through the process smoothly, ultimately finding a Medicare Advantage Plan that best fit my needs and wants. To anyone who would ask, I give 5 stars and all my thumbs up in evaluation of the service I received.

Linda C

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