Venus Hernandez

Licensed Advisor

Venus hails from Houston, TX, and has been advising Medicare beneficiaries since 2016. She is thrilled to be at Chapter, where she can provide unbiased assistance to her English and Spanish-speaking communities. When not at work, she is an avid art enthusiast and enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with her family, friends, and fur-baby.

Venus's Member Reviews

I felt overwhelmed by all of the information bombarding me regarding Medicare options even after working with multiple advisors from other companies (they all seemed to be PUSHING particular products and not interested in making sure I understand the impact of options). That changed when I opened a dialogue with Venus at Chapter. She took time with me - months just because I was so reluctant to trust. She won me over by considering all options and making sure I understood them. Her kindness and focus on my questions was truly unique. Today I made my choices and I am very happy with them. Call her. You will be in good counsel.


After becoming very disolusioned with the Medicare Advantage policy that started on Jan 1st, I went online to look for another Medicare Advantage plan during the special open enrollment period and Venus Hernandez contacted me and today after spending 2 hours, she set me up with a new plan. I am more than grateful for her help, knowledge and understanding of how these Medicare Advantage plans work. When I move back to my hometown in Ohio this summer, I will make sure to give her a call to help me set up a new plan for Ohio. Thanks to Venus for all your help and you are a definite asset for Chapter.

Sharon Y
We started the process of changing our Medicare advantage plan because of a move from Hawaii to New Mexico and was helped by advisor Venus Hernandez! We called Chapter a month or 2 previously and talked to Ms. Hernandez about our move. She gave us great advice and then gave us her number to call her when our plans were more solid. We did that today and she was absolutely wonderful! She remembered us! She patiently answered all our questions and concerns, gave us pricing and options and helped us pick an HMO plan that suited our needs. She then signed us up and had all the paperwork done over the phone and on line. So efficient! Everything went through and before you knew it, we were registered with the HMO of our choosing! Awesome! I highly recommend Chapter and Venus for her stellar knowledge of what’s available for you in the crazy, confusing insurance world of medical plans!

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