Grandparents day is on September 8, 2024! While some may argue that every day should be grandparents day, Sunday, September 8th is a special day that’s all about you. Most grandparents choose to spend this day with their grandchildren doing special activities, like baking together, having a picnic, or visiting a park. Many parents choose to purchase or help their kids with homemade gifts for grandparents day. 

Regardless of how you celebrate, this list of activities and gifts will help you have a happy grandparents day, filled with love and joy.

Grandparents Day Activity Ideas

It’s your day, so you can do whatever you want! But if you’re looking for inspiration, or something special you can do with your grandkids, the list below will ensure you have the best grandparents day yet and create lasting memories.

Make sure to take pictures throughout your day, so you can remember the wonderful times you’ve shared with your loved ones.

Create a family tree

Creating a family tree with your grandchildren is not only a fun arts and crafts activity, but also a fun activity for sharing stories and memories. As you write down the names of those in your family tree, you’ll share memories, as well as stories passed down from your own parents and grandparents.

Make a fort (and watch a movie)

Some of the best childhood memories are from making forts. Create a special fort on grandparents day with twinkle lights and comfy seating so you can sit or lay down while watching a movie together later in the day. 

Craft something together

Arts and crafts are a classic activity to do with grandchildren, and there are all kinds of special grandparents day crafts you can create, like:

If you’re not sure what to create, or aren’t the craftiest, a visit to the craft store may spark inspiration—and you can always purchase pre-made figures that simply need painting. 

Have a tea party

Whether fake or real, a tea party will be a memorable activity in which you can invite your grandkids favorite plushy guests, hear about their favorite things, and catch up! 

Bake or cook

Baking cupcakes or cookies is a sure way to make some sweet memories! Bring your baked goods to a tea party or picnic to double up on fun activities! If you’re watching your sugar intake, cooking is another fantastic way to create lasting memories with grandkids. Try making fresh pasta or small hand-helds that you can take on a picnic or enjoy during a movie night.

Play board games

Board games and puzzles can help you teach your grandchildren strategies. They can also help keep your brain sharp!

Plant flowers

With autumn just around the corner, your garden may need a new bunch of flowers! Visit the garden center and pick out some new blooms together. If you want, you can also purchase some pots to paint to make the activity extra special.

Go on a picnic

A picnic is a great way to get outside and enjoy any baked goods or sandwiches you made earlier in the day. You can picnic anywhere, including local parks, and even the zoo!

Visit the zoo

Visiting the zoo is a popular activity among younger kids (and even older ones)! Visit early in the day if you want to see the big cats, and pop into any indoor exhibits to stay safe during hotter times.

Go fishing

One of my favorite activities I enjoyed with my grandfather when I was younger was fishing. Not only did I get to spend time with him, but I got to be out on the water, learn something new, and play with slimy worms and floppy fish. We had a blast! 

Visit a park or museum

You could visit a large amusement park or a local park with a good playground. You can also visit a museum with interactive exhibits.

Attend a music or sporting event

Attend a baseball or soccer game or find a small, local concert to enjoy a special experience with your family. If the event is outside, just be sure to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration!

Grandparents day gift ideas

Whether you make something together on grandparents day itself or you need gift ideas to share with your son or daughter, these gifts are sure to leave you joyful day after day.

Handmade gift ideas

Grandchildren can make these handmade gifts with their grandparents or ahead of the day as a surprise. 

Handmade card

Handmade cards are an easy way to show you care, regardless of your comfort level with DIY activities. Add thumbprint hearts or a special poem or quote to the card to make it extra special. 

Grandparents Day Quotes

Below are a few special grandparents quotes you can include in your card.

“A grandparent is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend.”

“I know you’ve loved me since I was born, but I’ve loved you my whole life.”

“The best parents get promoted to grandparents.”

"Grandparents are the perfect blend of love, laughter, and happy memories."

"Kisses, cuddles, cookies, and treats, days spent with our grandparents are always so sweet."

Painted flower pot

A painted flower pot is the perfect gift, especially if you plan to plant flowers on your special grandparents day!


Cookies are a great gift to make together on grandparents day, but you can also make them ahead of time to bring on a picnic the day of.

Handmade ornament

A handmade ornament to remember the day is the perfect gift, and one grandparents will appreciate each year when they hang it on their tree.


Poems help kids express their feelings about someone they love. An acrostic poem is an easy option, and a haiku or limerick is a good option for older grandchildren. 

Coupon book

Coupon books are a classic homemade gift that grandparents can redeem throughout the year. Coupons for hugs, dance parties, playdates, and other activities are great ideas to include in your special book!

Gifts you can purchase

Whether your daughter has asked for a list of things you’re wishing for or you’re looking for something to give to your sweetheart, who’s also a grandparent, these gifts are perfect for grandparents to show them you care.

Chocolate or fruit basket

Send something sweet, and a little decadent to show your parents or grandparents you care. 

New slippers or house shoes

Slippers and house shoes are a great way to provide some padding for tired soles. Especially if your loved ones suffer from foot pain or bunions, comfortable slippers and house shoes can be an incredibly thoughtful gift for grandparents.

Baking Kit

Purchasing a baking kit as a gift for grandparents can give them something to enjoy with their grandkids on grandparents day! 

New Walking Shoes

Grandparents are special, and a great way to show them you care is by buying them new walking shoes fit for seniors that will help them stay active and healthy for many years to come.

Spotify subscription

If your parents or grandparents ask for new CDs or can’t seem to find music by an old band they used to love, gift them a subscription for Spotify! My granna loved that she could pull up any song from any band or musical on her iPad using the Spotify app.


Kindles are great gifts for grandparents who love to read because they are lighter than many books (especially hardcovers!), and you can adjust the text to make reading more accessible.

Playing cards with large text

Playing cards with large text isn't a big gift, but they are much appreciated by grandparents who love playing cards, but are vision impaired. If your loved ones don’t play cards, think through other great gifts that can help them continue to enjoy their favorite activities, even when their impairments make them challenging. 

Most grandparents will say the greatest gift you can give them is time with family, and that’s probably true. But who doesn’t love something special—whether it’s a special activity or a gift—to make sure you have a happy grandparents day?! 

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