Walking is a great form of exercise for older adults because it’s low impact and doesn’t require any experience or equipment. While you can walk in any old shoes, if you’re planning to walk a lot, have any existing physical injuries or conditions, or are able to purchase a pair of shoes specifically designed for walking, it’s a good idea!  

What to look for in walking shoes for seniors

As we age we experience physical changes that require different features in our footwear. Furthermore, reducing the risk of falling is paramount, because falls can be significantly more consequential as we age. 

More cushioning

Walking is a low-impact activity, but it does have some impact. Especially if you’re walking on concrete, more cushioning in your shoes will help ease the impact on your joints, reducing the risk of discomfort and injury. 

Better support and stability

Our ankles, like our other joints, experience a lot of wear and tear as we age. Some older adults also experience stiffness and arthritis in their toes. Shoes with more support and stability will counteract the effects of stiff or weak joints. 

Anti-slip features

Slipping and falling can be scary at any age. For seniors, who are less likely to catch themselves are more likely to sustain major injuries from falling, good grip on shoes is crucial.

Slip-on / No-tie

Bending over and tying shoes can be more challenging for older adults suffering from back pain and/or arthritis. Being able to slip your shoes on without tying them can help remove one of the hurdles to walking as a senior. If your favorite pair of walking shoes isn’t no-tie, there are other solutions, including these no-tie laces.

Addressing pain & discomfort when walking

If you experience pain or discomfort when walking, first consider switching shoes. If the discomfort persists, consult a doctor or try another low-impact workout

If you’re on Medicare, it generally covers podiatrist (foot doctor) exams if you have nerve damage related to diabetes or need medically necessary treatment for foot injuries and diseases (including hammer toe, bunions, and heel spurs). Not sure if your visit would be covered? Contact a member of our Medicare team to understand how your current Medicare insurance will work with your foot care needs.

5 best walking shoes for seniors

According to product reviews and lists, these are the best walking shoes for seniors. We recommend thinking about the features that are most important to you and reading through some reviews before making your final decision.

Walking shoes for senior women

Women’s Orthofeet Tahoe Tie-Less

These shoes come with no-tie laces, a wide toe-box, different width options, extra cushioning, and arch support—fitting the needs of many older walkers. These features have earned them five-star ratings from people with bunions, heel spurs, and arthritis. They also come with free shipping & returns and a 60-day wear test. Take a further look via this link.

Easy Spirit’s Romy Walking Shoes

These are a little more affordable, compared to Orthofeet’s Tahoe shoes. They don’t have no-tie laces, but are touted by many as “the best,” and some say they’ve been buying these for 20+ years! Key features include removable footbeds to make room for custom orthotics, a lightweight feel, and different width options. Take a further look via this link.

Walking shoes for senior men

Men’s Orthofeet Monterey Bay Tie-Less

These shoes are comparable to Orthofeet's Tahoe Tie-Less shoes for women. They come with no-tie laces, a wide toe box, different width options, extra cushioning, and adjustable arch support to fit the needs of people with a variety of foot and joint conditions. They also come with free shipping & returns and a 60-day wear test to eliminate risk in your purchase. Take a further look via this link.

New Balance’s 411 Men’s Sneakers

These shoes are incredibly popular among walkers. They’re more affordable than Orthofeet’s Monterey Bay shoes and offer great features for older walkers. They have extra soft cushioning, a padded footbed, round toe, and different options for width. If your focus is comfort, these could be the perfect walking shoes for you. Take a further look via this link.

Gender neutral walking shoes for any senior

FitVille Rebound Core Shoes

These shoes provide comfort and support for any senior who’s hoping to continue or keep up their walking routine. The shoes have elasticity and cushioning for increased comfort, are breathable to help with odor, come in a variety of width options, are anti-skid, have removable insoles, and are made of synthetic leather. Made to help with overpronation, custom orthotics, and maximum comfort, the makers of these shoes seem to have thought of everything. The shoes also come with free shipping and a 30-day free trial to give you peace-of-mind with your purchase. Take a further look via this link.

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